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You want to be a model?

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Want be model?


Make sure you want to be a model, research the business carefully!

2. Make sure you have the correct measurements . If not get into shape! Please note: Height is also important.
3. Get some good pictures of yourself if you want be a model!
4. Send a few pictures to people that are in the business and have proper offices. Preferably someone that has been recommended to you and knows the business for some years!
5. Get all the information you can about which agencies you want to join. Make a selection of the best ones to contact!
6. If you want be a model, send your pictures to the agencies!
7. You may want to get a personel agent known as a "mother agent" in the model business if you dont know who to contact!
8. If you want model arrange with your agent to get started!
9. Make sure all your travelling documents are up to date and ready (ie passports)!
10. Start work or go on your first trip if you are not in a major modeling city if you want model!

If you have any difficulties with any of this easy 10 steps, please apply to become a member of hushcity if you want be model and you will receive free one-on-one counselling for want-to-be-models and help!

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